If you want to make a YouTube video, but you are on a tight budget, don’t worry. There are many places you can cut corners and still come out with a great, professional looking video.

The basic elements needed to make a video are a camera, lighting, audio and editing. Normally, in a professional setting, these things would cost a small fortune. However, new technology and the abundance of personal computer usage have made the need to buy overly expensive equipment obsolete.

Instead of buying a thousand dollar mixer to create audio for your video that would rival Paramount, there are fantastic programs out there that you can use at home. Many high quality programs run for around $100.

The camera that you use to shoot your video is important. Digital cameras are usually recommended because of their high quality picture. If it is not possible to go buy a brand new camera, there are other options. Try buying a used video camera. Technology is constantly improving, and everyone knows at least one person who has to keep up with the newest trends. Chances are you know someone who has a perfectly good camera stashed in their attic simply because it is so last week. If that doesn’t pan out for you, use your lighting and editing skills to make up the difference. Amazing things can be done with a little imagination and a lot of practice.

As far as lighting goes, you can buy a basic lighting kit consisting of three lights, umbrellas and stands for a relatively little amount of money. If even these are out of your reach, using window light and even light bulbs can be made to work, and work well, if you know what you are doing.

There aren’t a whole lot of corners to cut when it comes to editing, but there are many different programs with many different price tags. Just keep in mind that more expensive does not always mean more value. You can do a lot with an inexpensive program, but remember that it does take practice.

If you work at it, and think creatively you can make your YouTube video look as professional as you want it to be without having to take out a second mortgage on your house to do it.

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