Creating a YouTube video is surprisingly a lot easier than it would seem. All you really need is a camera, a tripod, a microphone, and some sort of lighting kit.

The camera you choose to shoot you film with is important. Digital cameras are fairly inexpensive, and provide great results. If that is not in your budget, there are many other decent options out there. Check out the great deals on these youtube video cameras.

A sturdy tripod can make the difference between a great video and a second rendition of The Blair Witch Project. Of course, if that is what you are going for, then by all means, forget the tripod. If you are on a really tight budget, and have a sturdy hand, you can always become a human tripod.

Using a microphone is essential to create good sound quality. Camera microphones usually are not precise enough to keep excess noises out of your film. Microphones can range from extremely affordable to multi million dollar movie quality.

Lighting is key to a great video. If you want to look professional, you need some sort of lighting setup. There are several different options when it comes to lighting. There are lighting kits that can be bought at relatively low prices. These basic kits usually include three lights, umbrellas and stands. There are higher end kits that become bigger and more complex as they go up. The biggest thing to take into consideration is what is needed for your project. Buying a thousand dollar lighting kit to film your brother jumping off the roof is simply unnecessary.

You will also need video editing software. There are a wide variety of packages available, from full blown professional level editing software to prosumer budget packages, making it easy to find the right editor for your budget.

These are the bare essentials for creating a YouTube video, but don’t forget the computer. You will need that and internet access to get your video out there.

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